"There was no cause to grant Pfizer full approval", Prof. Peter McCullough

Publié le 02 septembre 2021 - 19:28
Peter McCullough, encore un debriefing
Prof. Peter McCullough

Professor McCullough has done France Soir the honour of speaking to our audience on several recent occasions, latterly in relation to purportedly scientific utterances from the French President, in his address to the Nation on 12th July. At the time, the Professor had pointed to the notoriously unstable foundation for those statements.

Updated 30th August : the sub-titles have been amended to strike out a Zero which appeared by error in two separate places in the sub-titles.

After days of rumour and speculation, on 23rd August 2021 the FDA issued full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech (Comirnaty) injection for persons aged over 16 ; that said, the FDA did nevertheless require the labs to carry out a number of further trials.

Cf : Analysis of President Macron's scientific assertions by Professor Peter McCullough

Professor McCullough has kindly accepted to comment the decision.

Inter alia, the Professor notes that the labs have presented very little fresh data. As for the data they did present, most pertains to the native strain of Sars-Cov-2 against which the injections were allegedly developed. That strain would no longer appear to be circulating, while the appearance of the Delta variant change casts serious doubt upon the injections' further usefulness.

Strangely enough, says Professor McCullough, and despite safety-data issues that have been raised internationally, the FDA would appear to have simply let slide the requirement that Pfizer-BioNTech present reports on biodistribution, immunology, toxicity, genotoxicity … need one continue ?

What is more, good practice would dictate that the FDA grant full approval to a medicinal substance such as a vaccine only once ten to twenty years have elapsed, during which full studies will have taken place. Here, we have a laboratory being rewarded with full approval after but a few short months, quite literally for the first time in the history of medecine – meanwhile back at the ranch, adverse-effect reports continue to pour in, with myocarditis and pericarditis leading the wolf-pack.

Stranger yet, the fact that while still under Emergency Use Authorisation, the substances being trialed have been injected into hundreds of millions of people, again, for the first time in the history of medecine.

As the authorities persist in touting the injections' « efficiency », evidence from several heavily-vaccinated countries mounts day by day that the injections protect neither against infection, nor against hospitalisation, nor even do they prevent death.

Professor McCullough notes that patients are not being informed of the peculiarities of each vaccine : for example, the injections do not contain an identical quantity of mRNA, which factor which may also have an impact on their efficiency.

To sum up, the Professor believes that a short sharp chop should have been given to the injection campaign as early as February 2021. The FDA, the CDC and their counterparts abroad have failed to take into account an avalanche of dreadful adverse effects, including thousands of deaths. In his view, an independent body should be systematically recording all such cases, and investigating the thousands of « unexplained accidents » where suspicion may legitimately be cast on the injections.


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